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Talent Through Technology


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Talent Through Technology

Make your Apprenticeship vacancy more attractive to candidates...

Perfecting the best job advert...

Social Enterprise raising funds for youth charity Tall Ships

Early Talent Attraction - A Buyer's Guide

Big Assembly - Tomorrow’s Engineers Week

Getting The Best Graduate Recruit

The Changing World of Recruitment

Aligning your marketing and recruitment objectives to maximise talent

Why candidates have never been so important

Why We Love To Talk Results Day (And You Should, Too!)

Surface Measurement Systems is the national winner of the prestigious EEF Future Manufacturing Award for Innovation

The solutions to the recruitment setbacks you didn't know you had...

The Recruitment Revolution – Are You Ready?

Artificial Intelligence – a professional perspective

Supporting candidate needs for better business development

NAW19  - How will you create an impact?

The Search for the Holy Grail - Marketing ROI

Many young British students believe they are being pushed down the route of going to university

Technology: AI & recruitment selection

Technology (Part 1): advancing talent attraction?

Unwrap the TalentPeople’s top 5 recruitment tips!

Trends in Emerging Talent

Five reasons why 2019 will see a fight for emerging talent

Should you be making big strides towards inclusion?

Dynamic Dozen Set To Inspire UK School Children

Discover the 'World Of Work' with Greater Lincolnshire LEP

Selling to employers; the providers’ dilemma

Are You Apprentice Ready?

Perceptions shift when considering post-secondary education.

The Future of Recruitment?

The Revolution of Reaching Out: A strategy to engage the Gen Z workforce!

Remember your first summer job, and the experience gained?

Newly launched and key strategic partner for Apprenticeships...

It's time for Eight National Youth Organisation to Tackle Diversity, Together

Diversity & Social Inclusion is Business  Critical

The Tonic To Your Talent...

GDPR webinar designed with emerging talent recruitment at the forefront...

GDPR –  The biggest shake-up

NAW '18 Summarised 

OPTAMOR Partnership 

The Importance of Diverse Apprentices to UK Organisations

Data Processing and Consent - GDPR

David Allison: The Interview

Rights and Responsibilities on GDPR 


Celebrating 1 Millionth Shortlisted Candidate

A year on from the Levy, what are the implications?

Podcast Take Over – Edtech for future talent

GetMyFirstJob & iDEA

Guest Blog: What 1,000 CVs and job specs revealed about apprenticeship skills

How to make employment assessment enjoyable - use a challenging gaming app!

Do you think there is an issue in recruiting emerging talent?

Apprenticeships - A review of last year and leaping into 2018.

GDPR Thoughts from our CEO

The Biggest event during NAW18

GetMyFirstJob 2017 Success – New Records, Happy Clients

The Customer Support Managers At A Glance

GetMyFirstJob – Our Social Mission

People-Fit – Our New Employability Tool for Candidates

Hospitality and catering – the latest recruitment picture in charts

How To Fix Degree Apprenticeships

They Say Patience Is A Virtue ...

Education is a market. But who is buying and selling?

The Power of Partnerships

Apprenticeship FAQ 2017

The Skills Challenge, Why Crossing Your Fingers Isn't Enough.

The Apprenticeship Levy – Got questions?

Results Day Free Resources

How do you make your apprenticeship intake more diverse?

University applications have fallen, what does that mean for apprenticeships?

What is going on with equality?

Employers Are Paying More To Recruit New Staff Due To Skills Shortage

Degree apprenticeships... the future?

What is the first step for employers and training providers?

The Largest Online Careers Seminar 'The Big Assembly'

Top 15 Checklist for Training Providers

Watch our new TalentPortal video!

5 Industries with Challenging Skills Gaps

Why Apprenticeships offer a lifeline to the UK’s tech industry

GetMyFirstJob announced as 'Best of British' Apprenticeship Service

Young People Want More Guidance to Help Land First Job

Are Apprenticeships still Considered Masculine?

90% of Students feel Education only Prepares them for Exams

The UK Education System only prepares for exams and not careers.

'To Encourage all Pupils to Continue Down a Purely Academic Route is Little Short of Scandalous'

The Steps to Small Business Growth

60% of UK school leavers admit to feeling unprepared for world of work.

The Apprenticeship Levy is a Real Opportunity for the Whole FE Sector

Recruiting the Right Talent - It's all Change in the Digital World

'Let's agree there should be no Relaxation of Standards in Pursuit of 3m Apprenticeships'

The Truth About Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Facts

How to mentor apprentices - advice for employers

Young People Make Their Career Choices Clear

IT Apprenticeships

Leisure Apprenticeships

GMFJ - Matchmaker?

Career Match - Our candidate magazine!

Questions to ask in your interview with the candidate

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