It's time for Eight National Youth Organisation to Tackle Diversity, Together

GetMyFirstJob, National Citizen Service, The Sutton Trust, The MOBO Trust, The Living Wage Foundation, UK Youth, The Big Youth Group and Movement to Work – representing a community of over three million young people from diverse backgrounds – are teaming up this summer. The campaign,, will connect young people from diverse backgrounds to inclusive employers, apprenticeship, traineeship and work experience opportunities.

By using a free psychometric quiz tool, People-Fit, young people can understand more about their strengths in the workplace, and employers can identify the hidden talent they need, without having to rely on the traditional approach using academic achievements. 

GetMyFirstJob’s CEO, David Allison said;

We are passionate about engaging 16-24 year olds from all backgrounds with great work opportunities, and delighted to partner with some wonderful organisations changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people every year.

Through the campaign, young people can get to understand more about themselves through People-Fit, learn about great employers looking for diverse talent, and they can search and apply for opportunities in jobs, apprenticeships, work experience and paid internships. Thousands of vacancies will be available straight away across the UK.

But why should employers embrace diversity?

  • Firstly, marginalised groups, if combined, make up 20% of the UK’s population (and if you include women, over 60%!).
  • But also, productivity in the workplace improves! Teams with rich and diverse perspectives to draw from improves problem solving abilities as well as finding innovative solutions.
  • An MIT research study found that racially diverse teams outperform non-diverse ones by 35%.
  • Furthermore, teams in which men and women are paid equally, earn 41% more revenue according to research conducted by GALLUP.

With these 8 national youth organisations working together to share content and links on social media, email, web and internal communications, between 1–3 million young people will be reached, generating thousands of applications to apprenticeships, traineeships and work experiences live on and, and raising the profile of employers who are really driven to widen the pool of talented people from all backgrounds.