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The Customer Support Managers At A Glance

Posted by GMFJ_Team on Nov 30, 2017 5:11:29 PM

The TalentPortal, are specialists in candidate recruitment, get to know the Customer Service Managers who work with colleges, employers and providers using our system daily. 

The Customer Support Managers (CSM) are a great aspect of the Talent Portal which we don't shout about enough, an invaluable service to the license holder. Not only adding to the Talent portal experience with expert advice and guidance, also available at the touch of a button online or simply a phone call, it allows the user to get the best out of the platform with complete on boarding services from the Customer Service Managers. 

We discussed with the CSMs a few key topics, starting with what their role involve day to day: 

First off, it’s important to check the diary for webinars and scheduled training sessions in the day to ensure we are fully prepared and ready. These could be new customers or refreshers and can focus on anything from doing a proactive search to linking your vacancy to NAS. The intercom instant chat function is turned on at 8am and any user queries need to be dealt with immediately so this is something we need to be aware of. We are then required to check on accounts ensuring they are using the system regularly, processing their applications, adding on vacancies and are up to date on payments.  

CSMs play a part in GetMyFirstJob success

The more the you use the system the more candidates will find successful placements. GetMyFirstJob aims to increase the number of young people moving into opportunities and this relates directly to how well the system is being used! We encourage users to proactively search for candidates and contact them about their vacancies, this in turn will lead to more candidates finding positions!

Best Customer Experiences

Guiding users through the proactive search can be great fun! A user may be struggling to fill a vacancy – we can then share our screen and show them how to find suitable candidates in the area (you can filter by grades, location, interest level, driving license and date active). One of my customers was struggling to fill a photography Apprenticeship vacancy – the employer was desperate for an Apprentice but the College had not managed to find anyone suitable. We did a proactive search on the candidate database and found a candidate who used the system the same day, was 3 miles away from the vacancy, had excellent grades and an interest in photography! When looking at her profile we noticed she had done work experience at the same location and loved the experience! The user contacted the candidate that day and filled the position!

Solving Issues Quickly For System Users 

Sometimes solving a problem can just be a case of being a bit of a detective! Today one of my customers was struggling to enter an address into the CRM – the address wasn’t pulling through correctly to the vacancy page and this is often because the system does not recognize the postcode as correct. The user had entered at O instead of a Zero 0.

Highlight A Feature 

If I was a recruiter I think the most helpful tool on the system would be the Bulk text feature. Users can reach out to candidates on mass to tell them about a vacancy, opportunity or event. The candidates can respond to these messages which means often users get responses immediately!

Meet The Customer Support Managers

We speak with three members from the Customer Support Managers (CSMs) team to find out more about them and their top tips! 





Cara Saunders 

‘ Hello! I’m Cara and live in Southsea. I enjoy keeping active and play Netball, and enjoy kayaking and cycling! I’m passionate about getting more young people into Apprenticeships and I think GetMyFirstJob is the perfect tool to do this!’

 Top Tip: Turn the normal recruitment process on it’s head – proactively source candidates which meet the criteria, rather than waiting for applications. Use the ‘active’ button to find the candidates who have used the system most recently!


Email: Cara.Saunders@gmfj.co.uk

Telephone: 02393 876 394 

Lee Marples

About  - Obsessed amateur golfer, husband to Sarah, father to Lewis & Amelia…..experienced account manager enjoying getting to understand all the requirements of my accounts in order to meet their needs and reach success together.

Top Tip: Search by particular system verticals – distance or grades for example – and our portal will automatically generate a list of candidates for you to contact that meet the criteria you need and find the very best to fill your roles.


Email: Lee.Marples@gmfj.co.uk

Telephone: 02392 006365


Sara Powell

 Hi, I’m Sara and I love traveling, reading and absolutely anything Star Wars related! I am always happy to assist you to enable you to get the very best out of the Talent Portal!’

Top Tip: Struggling to fill a vacancy and need to find some candidates urgently? Want to share your vacancy on social media? Need to report on application numbers and source? Talent Portal is a hub for all the apprenticeship requirements, applications from various job boards fed in to the hub, no need to log on/upload vacancies to multiple platforms.

Email: sara.powell@gmfj.co.uk

Telephone: 02393 876406


The CSMs are here to support you and your business to get the most out of the system and your job easier! The TalentPortal provides all the tools to be able to fill your vacancies quickly and efficiently and if this is not happening, please get in contact and we can help! 


Why not discuss your marketing plans for 2018 with our Marketing Team, we have opportunities to feature a key vacancies or show case your company or brand to 60,000 candidates. Click here to find out more about our the marketing solutions. 

 Email: customersupportmamangers@gmfj.co.uk Call: 023 9387 6400

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