GDPR –  The biggest shake-up

GDPR is a big topic, but not one to be scared of. The work we’ve undertaken suggests that the clarity it provides makes life simpler in many ways.

Businesses around the country are preparing (or should be) for GDPR when it comes into force on 25th May 2018. No matter on what kind of business you run, GDPR is something you need to be compliant with. Every company collects, uses and updates data about individuals on a regular basis – indeed, it is essential for the smooth running of most businesses and often a critical part of their business strategy. From employees to customers, mailing lists to marketing campaigns, GDPR will impact them all.

The objective is to make sure individuals can more easily control when, how, where and with whom their details are used.
The Penalties of not being GDPR compliant

For many businesses, the security of their data may be covered sufficiently already. Where GDPR changes things, is introduces a much greater level of penalty (potentially millions of pounds) and burden of proof of compliance on companies.

“The penalties for non-compliance are eye watering. Infringement on certain articles of GDPR carry fines of up to €20M or up to 4% of total global revenue of the preceding year, whichever is greater. Other fines carry penalties up to €10M or up to 2% of total global revenue of the preceding year, whichever is greater. These punishments show it is important that compliance is met and GDPR is not ignored.”

At GetMyFirstJob we are ensuring all of our data is stored securely on a central server (say goodbye to spreadsheets) and that all of our CRM’s, websites and email systems have the ability to completely delete records of individuals. We are also making sure that candidates and clients have a ‘portal’ where they can see what data we hold on them and manage their subscriptions to any marketing emails. All of our employees are DBS checked to ensure safety and security of data and everyone is trained to know how to process information requests and each person working for GetMyFirstJob ensures they respect every person’s privacy in regard to who we deal with.