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Unwrap the TalentPeople’s top 5 recruitment tips!

Posted by TheTalentPeople Team on Dec 20, 2018 2:41:16 PM

This Christmas find out how you can improve your fill rates by 500%!

Are you beginning to feel as festive as we are?

Though many people tend to slow down in December, in recruitment it’s as busy as ever…

With less days in the month to hit targets and employers being even more elusive, it can be difficult to get your monthly vacancies filled.

But the TalentPeople have an early Christmas present for you!

Unwrap our top 5 recruitment tips!

The top recruiters last month did the following five things and saw fill rates 5 times higher than other clients. So why not follow their lead and fill vacancies as well as stockings this Christmas.

  1. Add Employer logos

Though we encourage you to add as many employer logos as possible to improve the quality of your adverts, we understand that some employers are, for some reason, a little reluctant to share their information on their vacancies.

But even adding just half of your vacancy logos, will improve your fill rate.

Logos are a great way of quickly showcasing the employer brand, to help engage candidates from a local as well as national perspective. But it also makes candidates see your advert more; on the GetMyFirstJob mobile app and Career advisor newsletters, your advert will be listed by employer logo which helps it stand out. 

  1. Check out the wage

This may take some push when it comes to encouraging your employers to increase their vacancy wage; but higher wages mean more quality candidates who are more likely to stay. There’s a huge improvement if you can get your average above £4.63.

It’s so easy to look for your average vacancy wage when using the TalentPortal; simply access your Vacancy Management Report.

 Shortlist your vacancies

This may seem an obvious one; but quick and smart shortlisting could mean you snap up the perfect candidates before they are snapped up by some other recruiter. Providers who shortlist 86% of their vacancies are those that fill the most vacancies.

 On the TalentPortal, we make this even easier for you by giving you access to tens of thousands of active and engaged candidates in the employers area. This means you can create a shortlist within minutes of the advert going live!

 We’re going to make it even better in 2019. Has anyone met Millie our star recruiter yet?

  1. Respond to applicants really quickly.

Again; this seems so obvious, but in reality, many recruiters are slow to manage their applications, which means they are missing out on quality candidates. The quicker and more thorough you are with processing your applications, means you don’t lose or miss out on top candidates who are also applying for other recruiters’ roles too.

 Our stats show that if you process just 82% of applicants within the first couple of days, your fill rates will go through the roof!

 Proactively source more candidates from the GetMyFirstJob database

The biggest benefit of the TalentPortal is the ability to utilise the GetMyFirstJob database. You can search tens of thousands of active candidates filtering by location, grades, industry interests and even age to find the very best candidate for the role. And sourcing candidates from this pool has proven to increase fill rates and fill times as well as impressing your employers too!

Our top 5 recruitment tips show that fill rates are not in fact Christmas miracles, but a smart and savvy process using the various tools in your arsenal; as well as making sure your advert look the part too.

 Merry Christmas from the TalentPeople.

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