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The hardest part of starting up is starting out

OPTAMOR Partnership 


The Importance of Diverse Apprentices to UK Organisations

Apprenticeships, like other important talent initiatives, should be aligned to corporate strategy and accountable to the same business metrics as other people-related programmes.

Data Processing and Consent - GDPR

GDPR is a big topic, but not one to be scared of. The work we’ve undertaken suggests that the clarity it provides makes life simpler in many ways.

David Allison: The Interview

Our CEO, David Allison got interviewed by an intern who had recently graduated from university. She wanted to get another perspective on the challenges of searching for a job.

Rights and Responsibilities on GDPR 

GDPR has many benefits, encouraging you to nurture your clients and cleanse your data set so that you have a nice clear and concise group of people you are sending content out to. In this blog we look at the benefits of GDPR, rights and responsibilities, key terms and there is also a 10 step process that we followed to ensure compliancy that you can follow too.



Celebrating 1 Millionth Shortlisted Candidate


A year on from the Levy, what are the implications?

 A year on from the Levy, what are the implications for apprenticeship recruitment?