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The hardest part of starting up is starting out

The Recruitment Revolution – Are You Ready?

 There has been a revolution in the world of apprenticeships. Almost every part of the system is unrecognisable from two years ago, but that means there’s a lot for young people, schools and parents to understand when they are considering career choices.  These changes are unfortunately not always widely or accurately understood. In fact, up to 54% of parents say they don’t understand career options, but they are the most influential group (79%) when young people are making their choices.

The Search for the Holy Grail - Marketing ROI

One theme that has already come out loud and clear in meetings this year is the elusive Marketing RoI. I guess with new budgets to spend, people are understandably focused. There’s a famous quote variously attributed to most great business leaders which goes something like this;

Technology (Part 1): advancing talent attraction?

Technology continues to have an impact on the way in which every organisation works. New techniques are being adopted that deliver increased productivity and improved service each and every day. The world of recruitment – particularly around Emerging Talent – has often been slow to adopt these practices, but times are changing. And fast.

Trends in Emerging Talent

Recruitment in Emerging Talent is an ever-changing field. For many years, it has been dominated by apprenticeships and the graduate market – both with their own idiosyncrasies. In recent years, a number of factors have provided the backdrop for significant change, and it is clear that technology is going to play a bigger and bigger role in the future.

Five reasons why 2019 will see a fight for emerging talent

To say the current political situation is turbulent would be an understatement. Like many other organisations, we are finalising plans for next year and working through the many assumptions that are needed as part of this process. Go back three or four years, and we’d all have been able to have a pretty good go at answering questions, like ‘Who will be the Prime Minister’, ‘Which Party will be in power?’, ‘Will we be in the European Union?’. I defy anyone to confidently predict the answers to these questions for 2019. Closer to home, the world of apprenticeships has also been turned on its head in the last 18 months, with Standards, the IfA, EPA, Levy and many other changes rendering the system almost unrecognisable.

The Future of Recruitment?

 Google Jobs changed the face of recruitment overnight....

Remember your first summer job, and the experience gained?

With the summer jobs campaign receiving  a vast amount of coverage we discuss work experience in its entirety with David Allison. 

David Allison: The Interview

Our CEO, David Allison got interviewed by an intern who had recently graduated from university. She wanted to get another perspective on the challenges of searching for a job.

Education is a market. But who is buying and selling?

We do not provide our young people with enough information – especially not in terms of money – on their pathways through further and higher education.

The Power of Partnerships

The Power of Partnerships - GetMyFirstJob has just enjoyed a bumper summer of activities. On behalf of our training and education partners, we’ve interacted with more engaged young people, careers advisers and schools than ever before. For me, one of the big breakthroughs has been the way in which we’ve been able to create real benefit by partnering with some great youth organisations across the UK, together reaching over 2 million young people every year.