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The hardest part of starting up is starting out

Young People Want More Guidance to Help Land First Job

GCSE students awaiting their results tomorrow have expressed their dismay at the lack of effective help and guidance to steer them into the world of work, apprenticeship-matching platform.

Are Apprenticeships still Considered Masculine?

David Allison former teacher and Founder of GetMyFirstJob.co.uk, believes that even high achieving A-level students are choosing alternative routes, like apprenticeships, into careers that were unavailable a few years ago.

90% of Students feel Education only Prepares them for Exams

David Allison, founder and Managing Director of GetMyFirstJob – the organisation that has released the research – said: “A-level results day is a hugely important moment for so many UK students, many of whom will be relying on results to determine the next steps of their higher education.

The UK Education System only prepares for exams and not careers.

Over 90 per cent of students believe the current UK education system sees exam results as more important than career preparation, new research has found.

'To Encourage all Pupils to Continue Down a Purely Academic Route is Little Short of Scandalous'

In the last 20 years there has been a significant increase in the length of time young people have stayed in formal education.

The Steps to Small Business Growth

Make sure you’re adequately funded and appropriately advised.